SHE IS HOT X TINA is a project that aims to raise awareness around climate change

in her project SHE IS HOT, los angeles based designer eleonora orlandi used cultural language to raise awareness around one of the most pressing issues facing us: climate change. to her, SHE is the earth, and SHE is affected by governments and systems that deny climate change and its urgency. the designer also created TINA, a geothermal heat pump that is capable to replace boilers without substituting indoor current terminals such as radiators.

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SHE IS HOT by eleonora orlandi presents itself as a platform to explore how existing and new technologies can bring us closer to our best future. the designer believes that culture creation is vital for the future of sustainability. SHE IS HOT, even if at an early stage, met a very curious and engaging audience coming both from the creative world and the technological one, and has been selected for the 59th edition of milano design week.

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the project consists of an installation in collaboration with teon, an italian company which provides one of the most innovative geothermal heat pump technologies. ‘imagine entering into an art installation and exiting with a feasible solution to replace the boiler in your home, saving on energy bills and eliminating all polluting and climate-changing emissions on the spot, what a delightful afternoon for yourself and our planet.’ says eleonora orlandi.


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the collaboration with teon has moved forward and eleonora is now working on the product design of their new collection of heat pumps. people will then be able to choose their personal geothermal heat pump with the same engagement and excitement they choose a beautiful sculpture to place in the living room. TINA represents the only solution that is capable to replace boilers without substituting current terminals indoors such as radiators, as it easily reaches 80°c.

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with TINA at least 80% of the useful thermal energy requirement is extracted from a natural resource such as groundwater; for the remaining 20% electricity is used. this implies eliminating all polluting and climate-changing emissions on the spot (such as CO2) as well as removing dangerous fuels.

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designer: eleonora orlandi


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