Jinyeong Yeon’s Padded Chairs Add Value to Upcycled Materials

Jinyeong Yeon recently launched a new collection called the Padded Chair Series that’s based on his previously designed chairs. As a designer, Yeon wants to explore the ways in which value can be re-established among materials and newly recognized through design. That’s why he created this collection using discarded prototypes of padding, products with minor defects such as a defective zipper and products that became deadstock after a season’s end. Through this collection, he hopes to give padding a new function as a playful furniture object with pockets and inconsistent patterns.

Padding is directly related to the environment as it is used in fashion, the second largest polluter in the world. Yeon believes there are many environmental issues the use of the material contributes to. He hopes to create a dialogue about the sustainability factor of padding, beginning with the Padded Chair Series.

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