Free Rock Clipart Literally Worth Nothing Sells For Over $300K As An NFT

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If you thought owning a pet rock was ridiculous, wait till you see how much it might be worth in the non-fungible token (NFT) market.

“This is the stupidest or the most incredible decision of our lives,” says 25-year-old Maximilian Zim in a statement obtained by Motherboard. Zim paid about US$25,000 for a virtual rock two weeks ago.

Now, at the time of writing, an EtherRock can be sold for up to 96 ETH (US$314,852). The most absurd part, though, is that the artwork costs nothing at all. The 2D illustration can be downloaded from royalty-free clipart platform Clipart Library, and all the NFT creator did was change the rock’s color 100 different ways.

Transaction records in EtherScan date the EtherRock project’s beginnings to 2017. However, most purchases took place in the last two weeks, following a tweet by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk which brought people’s attention to the collection.

While Zim acknowledged the strangeness of spilling thousands on free, four-year-old clipart, it was “FOMO” that persuaded him into buying a piece himself. “In a way it’s like looking at a caveman painting, but being able to have every piece of the puzzle verified. Really a permanent piece of history,” he added.

A diamond in the rough, perhaps?

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