Buying Guide – 3 Things To Check When Buying Oversized Kurtis

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Over the years, fashion industry experts have given their say on what tall women should wear. Many of them have emerged through the influence over the years, thanks to which we have learned to idealize a certain body type. But moving on, it’s time to move on to stereotypes and not follow the rules that limit you and your personality. If you are a woman who is afraid to dress in any way, you should try our plus size clothes, which are specially designed to make you look stunning in all sizes. In this article you’ll find shopping tips and what to look for when looking for an oversized women’s jacket.

where to look
Setting a few points before shopping for plus size kurtis can save you from going to a tailor for extra accessories and spending a few extra bucks.

A deep V-neck or V-neck is perfect for elongating your neck. We suggest that women with curves prefer a deep V neck over a round neckline or tangerine collar because they tend to look slimmer. Why not go out of the box and get a modern plus size V-neck jacket!

If you are aware of a particular part of your body, we recommend that you stay away from tacky fabrics that tend to accentuate that part and instead opt for cotton, imitation, muslin or chiffon fabrics that reduce body fat and don’t hug them. Cotton fabric is perfect for any occasion. Our line of plus size kurtis for women features mostly cotton and silk. Any oversized jacket will be comfortable if it is made of silk or cotton.
The ideal length for a large jacket should be a few inches below the knee. We say this length is ideal for plus size women because it lengthens, loses weight, and helps balance your silhouette. A knee-length jacket is also great for work when paired with heels or flats, depending on your comfort. Ankle length or maxi curtis work great for flattering a curvaceous female figure. If you are one of them, choose a hemline that falls just below the knee.

Tips to Look Slim in Designer Kurtis
Designer kurtis can make you look curvaceous, but with a few cuts and tricks, you can make your kurtis look perfect on you.

Say yes to straight cuts
If you are looking for a large size kurti, focus more on straight long kurti, A-shaped kurti and of course the Anarkali kurti without the bulge. This style tends to beautify your feet and give it a stretchy look. Of course they look elegant and beautiful but beware of flashes as they make you look much bigger than you really are.

Avoid heavy fabrics
Dense fabrics are always heavy and bulky. They make you look bigger than you are with their heavy layers. Fabrics like jacquard and denim tire you out and cause you to sweat profusely. The decor on the fabric is another important factor that adds weight to your outfit. Patterns such as sequins, mirrors, beads and embroidery add to the weight of each fabric. We advise you to choose light fabrics that can refresh and relax you.

Look for small patterns
Follow the basic rule – any design or model should not be larger than the size of your fist. Yes, the smaller the pattern the better, because the more patterns that fit on one piece of fabric, it creates the illusion that the fabric is larger. Another great way to look slim is to use geometric patterns, but you need to make sure the stripes run vertically, not horizontally as vertical stripes are ripped to create the illusion of a slimmer body and don’t require any effort from your state. Be wary of bulky boxes and other similar prints that emphasize your size and shape.

last words
We hope that with this article you are ready to become a fashionista and no longer be disappointed by your size when you want to rock the latest designs that will make your head spin. There are many stores that offer plus size designer kurtis for curvy beauties. You’ll find any model or design that not only makes you look slimmer but is absolutely stunning!