How can I send cake to Singapore

Even though the pandemic limits our space for traveling, you can still do sweet things for your loved ones. This moment of birthday, mother’s day, and Eid al Fitr can be the right time to share with loved ones directly or apart because of the long distance.

But don’t worry, for those who are also stuck out of town to celebrate a loved one’s special day, you can order some special cakes from FlowerAdvisor and send them all over Singapore. By sending gifts to the closest people, it is guaranteed that the communication relationship will still feel warm even though they are far apart.

Buy Cakes Online

FlowerAdvisor recognizes that cake is an essential part of any celebration. The moment of cutting and the first bite of cake is always full of joy from all who attend and celebrate. Therefore, a cake with a shape that fits the theme of the celebration and with the best taste should be served.

You can now get birthday cakes online. You don’t have to bother looking for birthday cake options by going around the store offline, which will undoubtedly drain more time and energy. Even if you order online, it doesn’t mean the birthday cake you choose is of low quality. Tart online cakes are just as good as those you usually buy offline.

Not only that, but birthday cakes that you can get online at FlowerAdvisor also have many variations. You can choose a variety of flavors and shapes. There is also a choice of character birthday cakes suitable for children’s birthday events.

Like an online shop that provides various cake products, you will not be bored with the collection. There are various types of cakes for men, women, to children. You can choose the cake that best suits the character of the birthday person. That way, the cake will not disappoint and can make the party more lively.

Cakes Singapore

There are various types of cakes that you can find on FlowerAdvisor, ranging from traditional classic

cakes and cupcakes to 3D character cakes. Here’s a wide selection of birthday cakes that you can find on FlowerAdvisor.

  1. Classic Cake

The classic cake collection available at FlowerAdvisor is a simple one-tiered cake. Although the decoration is simple and not adventurous, the traditional cake does not lose its beauty. The taste choices also vary from chocolate, fruit cake, and mango cake. Yum!

3D Character Cake

3D character is a cake with a more real shape. In contrast to cakes in general, which are in the form of squares or circles, 3-dimensional cakes have more diverse shapes according to your order, such as shoes, bags, or toys. Because of their cute and attractive shape, 3-dimensional cakes are very suitable to be prepared for children’s birthday cakes.


The majority of women in the world like sweet things, one of which is the cupcake. Moreover, cupcakes have cute shapes, so cupcakes are one of the foods that are suitable as Valentine’s Day gifts besides chocolate. We provide a wide selection of flavors for cupcakes for your important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or valentines. Cupcakes are the right choice because they are beautiful and convenient. In addition, we also provide cupcakes with 3D decorations for an unforgettable event. It is suitable for both children and adults with a unique and cute design.

Our 3D decorations are handmade, especially for you, so they are safe to eat.

Tips for Choosing Cakes

You need to pay attention to several things when you want to buy a birthday cake for your partner, child, or relative. So that the cake of your choice is memorable, let’s follow these tips.

– Choose a cake that fits the character of the  person, including the shape and taste. If it’s a child’s birthday, you can add their favorite character to the cake. Also, choose kids’ favorite flavors, such as chocolate, oreo, or strawberry, so that the birthday cake doesn’t waste.

– Don’t forget to include wishes. Wishes on the cake can make the birthday cake more meaningful. Some cakes can include a note on them. Enter the words in the message when you want to order a cake.

– For those planning and preparing for events, just trust your cake needs at FlowerAdvisor. You also don’t need to be confused about looking for birthday cake options offline by visiting one store to another. All you have to do is open your laptop or cell phone, and you can find lots of cake choices.

Mother’s day gift in Singapore  

There are many choices of  cake products that will make you fall in love. So, What are you waiting for? Visit FlowerAdvisor and get a selection of cakes to your liking. There are many choices, and you will enjoy choosing birthday cakes online even more.

  Not only birthday cakes, but you can also buy mother’s day cakes, anniversary cake, bachelor or bachelorette cakes. FlowerAdvisor provides cakes made by experts. Premium ingredients such as quality chocolate and butter.

We serve delivery to every city in Singapore. So it will be very helpful and make it easier for you to send to family or relatives outside the city. FlowerAdvisor will prepare your order in the best possible way because your satisfaction is our priority.


Advantages of choosing ecological cosmetics

If a cosmetic product is labeled natural and organic, it means that it contains 95% (or more) organic ingredients. In the ingredients list, you will find the big difference between eco-friendly cosmetics and conventional cosmetics. Silicones, mineral oils, synthetic polymers, preservatives and artificial fragrances are common ingredients in conventional cosmetics.

If you use synthetic products and petroleum, they not only leave marks on your skin, but also pollute the air and water. In fact, some sunscreens have been found to damage coral reefs by bleaching them, according to recent research. With organic cosmetics you can prevent this damage and protect your living space.

Organic cosmetics contain products that have been grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. So, by using it, you can help conserve biodiversity and promote organic farming.

Cosmetics is one of the most unregulated industries in the world. In fact, some cosmetic products (shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath, etc.) have toxic chemicals on their ingredient list. According to another study, our bodies consume up to 5 kilograms of toxic substances from beauty brands every year.

Petrochemicals and parabens, which are used in conventional cosmetics to extend shelf life, are among the most toxic compounds. According to several scientific studies (including this one), parabens cause the body to stop producing estrogen and can cause various diseases, including cancer, a weakened immune system, and allergies.

Our skin covers our entire body and needs nutrition. It also protects against infection and filters out toxins. Therefore, taking care of your hair is more than just a cosmetic treatment; It’s also about protecting your health.

Eco-organic cosmetics contain organic and natural ingredients that provide essential nutrients for skin and hair.

Ecocosmetics uses natural ingredients such as olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and others. They help improve the health of your skin. In addition, some of these natural ingredients contain anti-aging antioxidants.

We are used to thinking that eco-cosmetics are much more expensive than traditional cosmetics. But that’s not the case. In fact, you can find inexpensive eco-friendly products on the market or make your own. Several DIY projects are available.

Eco-cosmetics are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones that require special care. Artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrances, which can cause allergies and damage to children and sensitive skin, are not contained in organic creams.

Organic formulations are also used in organic beauty brands. No chemicals! Many popular beauty products contain ingredients that, in small doses, have no short-term effect on our health. However, in the long run, some of these ingredients, as expected, can have the opposite effect on our bodies. For example, many facial cleansers contain alcohol-based ingredients that dry out your skin. It should also be noted that people react differently to chemicals. Knowing your product doesn’t contain chemicals will help you relax about possible allergies or chemical reactions.

Eco-friendly goods contribute to cleaner air and more livable land. Part of the reason organic goods are labeled as such is because of the manufacturing process. Refining materials sometimes means purifying the production process. As a result, fewer toxins and pollutants are released into the air during the production process. However, the carbon footprint of crops varies as some industries continue to switch to green products. Some people use alternative energy to power their facilities and some don’t even use CFLs. If you want the greenest products from head to toe, you have to go beyond eco-labels.


How Attractions Of Indian Ethnic Wear Traditional Apparel Around The World Can Ease Your Pain

Indian Ethnic Wear has generally been viewed as perhaps the most astonishing manifestations of Indian architect. It is extraordinarily evolved with an advanced style to give an astounding focus on ladies. These are exceptionally well known among Indian ladies since they give style and solace simultaneously.

Kurtis is a changed variant of customary ladies’ kameez. Planners have fostered these related to western tops to make these designs. This is certainly the most appealing mix of Indo-western style. The primary justification behind their high notoriety is that these are viewed as the most open to dress. One more justification for their extraordinary interest in the market is that these can be worn impeccably with a consistent suit set, clothing things, salwar suits, zardozi work dresses material, weaved nighties , suit material, unstitched salwar suits , chanderi suits, wedding dresses, lehenga choli, and so forth. This assists ladies with accomplishing a more appealing appearance.

Effect of Indian ethnic attire on the global market:

The conventional dress of all nations and districts mirrors the inclinations and customs of the neighborhood individuals yet the dress of the Indian clan is different in numerous ways. No place on the planet would you be able to find as much assortment as the contribution of Indian apparel. India is gradually advancing into a hot worldwide design scene and ethnic dress causes its presence to feel more grounded than at any other time.

Why Indian attire is well known all around the corner:

The style business in India has millennia of custom that incorporates social place where there is rich plans and various materials where every Indian locale has its own conventional dress and customary outfit. Just about a jungle gym for creators.

India is known for its way of life, costs, and plans. The adaptability and craftsmanship of India have been exceptionally respected for millennia. As Hollywood big names and worldwide style names take on Indian-propelled apparel and extras on honorary pathway, the interest for Indian attire in the unfamiliar market has developed dramatically.

Indian-roused plans have entered Hollywood and, surprisingly, the white house has fallen under a profound spell. Numerous big names all over the planet have been interested by Indian attire for a really long time.

with worldwide exchange and the web, Indian originators are gradually entering the western style scene and achieving sensational changes. open air plans created by Indian architects have affected featuring Indian apparel styles.

Fashioner suits are accessible in a wide scope of plans and shades. The wide reach contains different texture suits, cotton suits, originator suits, creator dress material and so forth.

Presently purchasing Indian apparel online is simple:

The most famous classification for putting new style available is cotton, Kurtis. Cotton is an extremely well known texture. It is in incredible interest since a texture is truly viable with the skin. One more benefit of this is that it is lightweight and agreeable. Garments produced using this texture give incredible solace. Fashioners offer their assortments appealing plans and shades. They make their assortments as indicated by existing slope style to meet the particular requirements of shoppers.

Another exceptionally well known assortment is silk Kurtis. These are fundamentally party dress assortments uncommonly planned with weighty imaginative plans. Notwithstanding the great blend of tones, the fashioners additionally utilized weaving themes to make their assortment consistent. In making weaving plans. They utilize an assortment of shadings to make noteworthy themes to make their assortments impeccable.

Ancestral attire tracks down a vital spot and the most smoking class in web based shopping. The incredible variety of Indian Culture has presented numerous excellent and exquisite styles of apparel for people. Ladies’ ethnic dress is a valuable piece of clothing that any Indian lady ought to be pleased with. It absolutely has its place among current attire styles.

There are an assortment of ladies’ ethnic dresses including instant, salwar suit set, and handily fit to both, ladies in an assortment of tones and mixes. It has sets of conventional and great salwar-kameez sets with a bunch of suit pants, a bunch of suit suits, a bunch of Patiala suits, a churidar matching suit, and numerous different mixes.

What’s more, around here at Suroh, we present to you an assortment of non-customized salwar kameez plans on the web. It very well may be conventional sorts, for example, chikankari consistent suits and ladies’ non-sewed clothing, or it very well may be advanced printed silk gooey dress. We never permit the absence of variety to be an issue for ourselves and variety of dress plan is a USP for any internet based brand.

Suroh By Chandni is a one-stop Indian dress store that offers a wide scope of design classes for true and popular Indian ethnic attire. Our web-based gathering offers you all consistent suits on the web, originator clothing, fashioner sarees, planner suits, weaved suits, sharara, Anarkali suits, must Patti work suits, dupatta, veil, lehengas choli suits, contemporary Indian ethnic dress online with a delightful assortment online Indian ethnic wear dress on the web.


Considering Summer Attires? We should Plan Your Ethnic Closet!

Summer clothing is anything breathable, baggy, light, and in particular, agreeable that you can wear in the hotness. Indeed we realize still choosing one’s difficult. Remain tuned to the article to realize the most recent Ethnic summer wear patterns and our ideas. Additionally, visit the connection to shop from the best chikan shop in Lucknow for your Ethnic wardrobe.

Style never continues as before. Perhaps we are a piece fixated on western outfits yet Ethnic and Traditional wear holds an extraordinary spot in our souls. What makes Ethnic wear put aside? Agreeable, Stylish and can be worn on an assortment of occasions and can be joined up with various exquisite frill.

Here are a portion of the ethnic style for each occasion and event:

Conventional Sarees

No big surprise Sarees are on the first spot on the list. Sarees hold an exceptional spot with regards to family works or any promising events. Sarees mixed with different embellishments can make you the focal point of fascination. Decorate your closet with beautiful customary sarees for each event. Style will travel every which way as said before never continues as before, Saree look is evergreen and will continuously be.

Silk sarees:

Silk sarees never frustrate anybody. Huge pallus, mind boggling handworks, and amazing themes make it look rich and tasteful. Be it zardosi, weaved, or printed or weighty work with sequins, these silk sarees are generally an optimal decision for formal as well as relaxed events.

Organza sarees:

Discussing sarees we can’t miss organza silk sarees lightweight, plain wind around, sheer texture that is produced using silk. Organza silk is a well known saree material among Indian ladies who anticipate assembling a tasteful and exquisite look. Multifaceted chikankari handwork white organza saree is an unquestionable requirement to have in a wardrobe.

Net sarees for party wear:

Net sarees with zari, sequins, and weighty stonework can give any lady an exquisite look. Net sarees are in high pattern, supplementing them with rich adornments and footwear makes it the best fit for any party event.


Most well known and legitimate ethnic wear ever. Agreeable, Lightweight, and Elegant makes Kurtis the best fit for summer wear. This ethnic wear is the most agreeable kind of attire and is generally worn in India by ladies of all age gatherings.

Silk Suits:

If all else fails wear unadulterated silk chikankari weaved suit. Evergreen and tasteful, ideal for any setting or occasion. Look effortless with Dhaaga’s Silk Chikankari suits intended for all occasions. Lucknowi chikankari is renowned from one side of the planet to the other and we are following that heritage visit the best chikan shop in Lucknow to shop the best ethnic for your storage room.

Organza Kurtis:

Ethnic closet is distant from everyone else without Organza Kurtis sets. Organza pattern is blasting step by step be it organza sarees, lehengas, or organza suits. Wonderfully completely carefully assembled chikankari organza suits are must to have in ethnic closets. Really take a look at Dhaaga’s organza Kurtis assortment .


Coming from the hour of Mughals Anarkalis are currently back in pattern. From silk to georgette, intensely weaved to printed plans, they give a remarkable focus on ladies, everything being equal. Unpretentious subtleties like the sheer net sleeves circled back to Kundan work, or zardozi make them an ideal party proclamation. Whether you need to match them up with stockings, pants, or palazzos, they pursue an ideal decision for a wide range of events. Investigate Dhaaga’s Anarkalis assortment handmade by the best karigars, chikankari weaving is worth time.

Floor Length Anarkali Suits:

Bollywood Divas most loved outfit Floor Length Anarkali suits, ideal for wedding events and family parties. Accessible and organized in an assortment of styles, you can put resources into an all-weaved, handwoven, string work, ribbon loaded, or decorated floor-clearing Anarkali suit in a variety of textures like silk, georgette, cotton, net, and chiffon.

Originator Anarkali Suits

Assuming that intending to wear on family works or your B Days work go for the Designer assortment made all by hands with first rate material set up. Planner Anarkali suits are the focal point of fascination, due to their chikankari weaving with Silk, Georgette, and Organza clothing material. Looks tasteful and agreeable to wear on any favorable event.

Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali represents sovereignty and extravagance from the hour of the Mughals. Outfits are the ideal wear and in pattern particularly for weddings and family events/parties. Supplementing with the right gems and footwear makes Anarkali Gowns even more a thing to watch.

We suggest investigating the dresses and attire prior to purchasing. Continuously mind the material utilized and the sewing quality. Follow Dhaaga’s Instagram page for your ethnic assortment and do visit our site for the most recent patterns and updates. Remain tuned to our web journals and drop your surveys and pinions in the remarks segment.


Different types of earrings

Earrings are a great accessory for any outfit. This could be a simple nail or something more complex with stones and sparks. There are a variety of different earrings in the Sri Lankan market, but there are also many different types of back earrings that you should be aware of when shopping for your favorite pair.

type of earrings

When looking for jewelry online in Sri Lanka, earrings are a very versatile item and there are many different types of earrings including hoops, hoop earrings, dangle earrings and chandelier earrings.

  • Stud Earrings: There are many types of stud earrings, including threaded earrings for people who have sensitive ears or want safety with a snug fit on the forehead.
  • Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings can be tricky because they come in different widths depending on how big you want the hoop to be. Large diameter hoop earrings make your face look smaller, while smaller earrings accentuate your facial features, which makes them great when paired with clothes.
  • Dangle Earrings: Dangle jewelry is light, which means it is often worn during the warmer months by women who want to add something interesting without adding too much weight or warmth to their neck.
  • Chandelier Earrings: Chandelier earrings are earrings that have a large cut at the bottom, which can be made of different materials and make an interesting statement.
    back for earrings

The backs of the earrings are designed to hold your earrings in place while making sure they are not too tight against your forehead which can cause discomfort and damage over time. They come in a variety of shapes, including hooks, clips, or clasps.

  • Back Hook Earrings: These are earrings that attach to the top of your ear and turn into a U-shaped back.
  • Attachment: This back has a metal piece attached to the hole on one side that you attach to your earlobe.
  • Ball or earring clasps with rollers: They are also great for protecting your ears from being pulled by the heavier parts, as they are known to be safer than other styles.
  • Hook-and-loop back earrings: These reusable plastic fasteners come in a variety of shapes, such as hearts or circles, but are sometimes uncomfortable if used incorrectly, so should only be worn with smaller matches.
  • Earring Covers: One way to hide your piercing is with these clear caps, which are designed to protect the delicate earlobe and are made of plastic or rubber. They are useful for those who plan to have their piercing removed for a period of time, which is also the disadvantage of having to be removed and replaced regularly.
  • Earring Stickers: One way to hide your earrings if you still don’t want to take them off is with stickers, which can help temporarily hide the hole. They come in different colors like white, pink or yellow so when used properly they blend in with your skin tone.
  • Butterfly Clips: These look like butterflies and are easily mistaken for hook earrings. They may look similar, but the difference is that the clips don’t have loops for threading, so you have to place your finger on each wing of the clip so that you open it before placing it in your ear.

The most common types of back earrings and how they work
The most common types of earrings worn by women include ball backs, hook earrings, and clip earrings.

The simplest of all the backs is the ladder style, where a piece through your ear hole is drilled from front to back. It is then held in place either by an internal threaded nut attached to the end or by a donut-shaped plastic washer on top. The first method allows for finer adjustments but may be more difficult to remove, while using a pressure washer makes removal easier because all you have to do is press the flat surface until it comes off. .

How to wear hoop earrings with different types of bearing
Hoop earrings can be available with a variety of bearing types. Hoop earrings, which come with plastic disc pads, are the easiest to put on and take off because you only need to apply a little pressure until they pop out of your drill hole. If they are secured with an internal threaded nut, they may be a little more difficult to open, but these are still manageable if you are careful, so don’t let these worries stop you from buying tires for the added inconvenience.

Hoop earrings can also be worn with the back completely bypassing the awl, instead of having two small discs on either side of the front metal ball through which the thread normally passes through a pair of screw locks. You’ll look less noticeable than just wearing a droopy hoop.

Earrings are one of the most popular and iconic accessories for women. They can be worn top or bottom and come in a variety of styles to suit every woman’s personality. Especially if you have some free time to shop at the end of the day, stock up on earrings for an easy way to decorate any outfit. The right partner makes all the difference.


Here are some reasons why fashion is important in our life

We all want to dress properly because most people decide us based on what we wear and nowadays people judge others based on fashion. With good fashion you can increase your confidence, but you cannot do without fashion. You shouldn’t make decisions based on what you say or assume. Therefore, style is paramount. Today, society puts pressure on a concept that seems no longer believable. In the select scenario, this will come true. When it comes to our values, for example, we no longer depend on our appearance. However, loved ones are very important in various areas of our life. In this article, we examine the importance of style. Here are some reasons why fashion is important in our life.

other people’s perception

We are human and miles are part of our instinct to sense a threat for a moment. They don’t define the people who walk the streets. Judging others is part of our subconscious. For example, if a person has a sharp and ambitious color, then he will definitely look more successful and professional.

On the other hand, if you wear soft fabrics, you will look more exposed and refined. This can be a great component if you need to make new friends. However, if you are a business owner, this type of clothing may not be an exclusive choice.

you are perception

If you are home alone, wear casual clothes. You couldn’t be more productive wearing sweatpants. In fact, casual clothes make you less confident and less energetic. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, your mind stores a secure image of yourself. And this will greatly affect your movement and self-esteem.

You may also need to dress well just in case. In fact, if you dress well, it can work wonders. You can’t deny the importance of style when you need to fulfill your desires.

Look after yourself

Self-care is the most important thing for everyone in the world, without self-care we can’t focus on our goals, and fashion is a form of self-care, through good fashion we can face competitors. For example, if you have a dog, you spend a lot of time washing and combing it. You do all this because you tasted it. In the same way, you struggle with yourself to be yourself.

If you forget your fashion choice, you are sending a message that you are worthless. Therefore, if you follow the methods of modern style trends, admire yourself. Purpose and Communication When you suspect that your fashion choices don’t matter, you want to take them back. There came a time when Hood became accustomed to discontent and a special confrontation with the most modern systems. It has also become a way to protect you from illegal activities. Modern style has a tremendous effect on you, whether you accept it or forget it.


Art plays a very important role in our life, without art our life, fashion is also art. Usually we like to learn amazing things. We experienced a lot higher as we spun, it was important that the view was stunning. In the same way, style adds a level of laughter and joy to your everyday life.