Why is it called a hand tied bouquet

Flowers are an essential ornament that cannot be separated from the wedding party. Almost every wedding ceremony has a complementary component in the form of unique flower decorations to add to the decoration concept.

The presence of hand bouquet is also an essential component, especially at weddings that carry modern themes. Types of bridal bouquets can also be anything, as long as they are fresh and  suitable with the bride’s gown.

It is undeniable that a bridal bouquet at a wedding party will be able to make the series of events look more unique and exciting. Of course, this can add to the excitement of a series of wedding events.

The use of a flower bouquet at a wedding party can also be used to enhance your appearance when using a wedding dress. Currently, more and more models and variants of flower bouquets can be found. You can adjust this to the condition or design of the wedding dress you are wearing.

The selection of the suitable model and color of the flower bouquet will be able to give a more optimal appearance. Many choose a simple wedding bouquet, such as a hand-tied bouquet model.


The bridal hand bouquet designs are usually deliberately arranged into a beautiful shape. In that case, the hand-tied bouquet style can be said to be a free-style ‘messy arrangement’ flower arrangement. As the name suggests, this simple ‘hand-tied bouquet’ of bridal flower arrangements can be composed of various flowers and greenery. To tie it can be used ribbon, rope, or thread.

This hand-tied bridal bouquet gives a natural impression of freshly picked flowers. Therefore, it is suitable for use if you want a rustic, bohemian, or garden wedding hand bouquet. Perfect for those of you who want to look natural and be yourself!

The hand tied model is the most popular bouquet model and can be varied into various shapes and sizes. It is called a hand-tied because this bouquet model is designed to fit in hand. Hand-tied is composed of multiple types of flowers and plants that are put together and tied together to maintain a neat structure. Hand tie flower bouquets can be loose or tight, messy or neat, small or very large.

There are 4 variations of the hand tie bouquet model:

  1. Natural hand tie

A natural hand-tie is a favorite bouquet model for most brides. The bouquet model is almost compatible with many dress models, especially dresses with slim cuts and tight styles. A natural hand-tied style bouquet with asymmetrical texture and stem height can be adjusted to suit your wishes and personality. You can even set this newfangled bouquet’s level of ‘wildness’!

  1. Round hand tie

The round hand-tie is an excellent choice if you want a more organized bouquet! The flower stalks and plants in a round hand-tied bouquet are arranged neater and closer than in a natural style bouquet but can still be textured and leave a real impression. This round hand tie bouquet is best matched with an A-line dress.

  1. Dome hand tie

The dome hand-tie model is a  variation of the round tie model and is a mix of modern and classic styles. Dome hand-tie bouquets usually consist of only one type of flower. The flowers generally used are roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. These flowers, which have a round shape, are tightly tied and shaped into a symmetrical arrangement, making this dome hand-tie bouquet more rounded than the round hand-tie.

  1. Tall hand tie clutch

The tall hand-tie clutch bouquet has a natural and fresh impression like a flower that has just been picked from a flower garden. This bouquet model is called a tall hand-tie clutch because the flower stems are left long and uneven, making this bouquet unique and attractive. If you like the bohemian style or want a different bouquet than usual, a tall hand-tie clutch is guaranteed to add a statement to your appearance.

Tips for caring for a hand-tied bouquet

Generally, you can store your bouquet in a water bag for 2 days. Flowers drink water, so make sure you fill the water regularly (if necessary) slowly through the center of the bouquet being careful not to fill the bag of water supplied. After a day, you must remove the packaging and place the bouquet in the vase.

The following are the steps for caring for your hand-tied flower bouquet.

  1. Unpack and remove flowers carefully.
  2. Keep the string around the stem if you want to maintain the shape of the bouquet. But you can remove it if you’re going to arrange the flowers yourself.
  3. Use a sharp and clean knife or scissors. Cut 3 cm each stem at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Place the bouquet in your vase, then fill it with clean water until the vase is three-quarters filled.
  5. Be careful to remove the midrib and leaves below the surface of the water; this will rot and pollute the water and can damage your flowers.
  6. Place the bouquet in a cool place, away from heating or cooling vents and direct sunlight.

You can order the bouquet of flowers you want online without being confused about the time to go to the flower shop directly. Indeed, online flower shops are mushrooming today. However, you have to be even more selective in choosing an online florist for the success of your wedding event with beautiful wedding flowers. You can entrust your wedding flowers with the same day flower delivery Singapore.

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What are the real benefits of online shopping?

Online shopping has taken the industry by storm. As more and more people feel comfortable shopping online, international e-commerce is growing rapidly. Relying on reality, the shopping sector can no longer be as efficient as mileage if it’s no longer about online purchases. For those who are starting out with online purchases, it can be said that a number of high quality offers have been found on the internet. Between online coupons and unique online deals you can’t find in stores, you’ll have to save a lot of money, although you usually have to pay for shipping and manage your purchases.

Here are the advantages of buying online:

Convenience – Convenience is very important when shopping, without which you cannot shop properly and the fact that you no longer have to leave your own home is a fantastic plus when it comes to online shopping. You can sit with the computer on your lap or on your back at the computer desk and shop for all your Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and unique occasions.

No Working Hours – Since you are shopping online, there are no working hours. If you find out what you forgot about someone’s birthday at 3:00 a.m., you can pick up your computer and set it up for delivery in one day at a time of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about how much time you have to save. This is very convenient for people who can’t save all day because of their job.

Savings Comparison – Something you can’t do when shopping at a physical store is evaluate the costs of different stores. The best way to do this is to have an income statement for each product that sells an identical product. When you shop online, you can go directly to a number of shopping sites to estimate the cost. This includes estimated shipping costs so you can decide which one is the cheapest in the end.

No geo-restrictions – When you save online, you are not limited by your personal geographic proximity. If you rely on reality, you have Canada, the United States and a variety of international destinations to choose from. If you can’t find it, you can find what you’re looking for elsewhere in the international arena.

Discounts – There are many shops on the street to get the “best online” deals. They will offer discounts or unique earnings that they no longer get from their store. For example, a clothing store might also hold a sale because of its physical proximity, but its sales are even higher online. Stronghold won’t have sales near its body at all, but there will usually be some form of selling online. Also with the delivery and management the deal was great.

Time Saver – Since buying online can be time-consuming all the time, you will save a lot of time. No more forcing deals, searching for what you want, and bothering returning site visitors. For people with busy lifestyles that can turn a fun shopping venture into something that must be depressing. So you can see twice as early when you buy your next gift from a shopper at the mall. Yes, there are cases where a trip to the mall is guaranteed because you want something really fast, otherwise you want to shop. But for them


Online Shopping Anugrah for consumers, know how!

How the Internet affects shopping behavior:
In the past, customers would visit offline stores and buy goods. They tend to go to the store, consult a salesperson, and then make a purchase. But a recent study by a leading press reports that consumers are now learning a lot about the product itself and then visiting stores just to buy a certain product.

How Online Shopping Replaced Offline Shopping:
It is a known fact that online shopping is much better than offline shopping. You don’t have to leave the office or home to buy your favorite things. For example, if you want to buy clothes for your child in bulk, you don’t need to visit the wholesale market. Instead, all you have to do is visit an online shopping site and write “wholesale kids clothes online” and you’ll be inundated with choices. CC Wholesale Clothing has many collections for its users.

Instead of physically visiting the wholesale market, you can actually shop around and buy the best clothes for your kids. You can buy not only clothes but also various other products such as fashionable glasses, watches, jewelry, electronic gadgets, etc. You don’t have to go to many stores to find the best one for you. Furthermore, if you want to buy wholesale fashion glasses, you can visit Wholesale CC Clothing for the best offers and the latest variants.

You just need to place an order with the company and within a few days your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

A global survey has confirmed a very clear fact – consumers seek convenience when shopping. Customers value better prices, greater variety of products, better after-sales service, better collections, and all these factors encourage customers to shop online. While this phenomenon may be somewhat problematic for offline retailers, consumers have gained more control over purchasing power.

When customers shop online, they have more access to user reviews, enhanced product information, usage knowledge, etc.

Customer feedback – customer benefits:
With the advent of online shopping, prospects now have access to reviews from customers who have purchased products. This, in turn, obliges the seller to provide a quality product.
Customer feedback can be a bit of a headache for sellers who didn’t have to worry about these things in the past. But it is very beneficial for customers.

Take it home:
Online shopping has changed a lot. You don’t have to run here and there to find your favorite unique product. All you need is one touch from you. Buy wisely!!

Make your appearance more attractive and comfortable by buying quality wholesale clothes online. Shop quality wholesale clothing for all ages online at discounted prices from CC Wholesale Clothing. For the best deals on quality wholesale clothing, visit CC Apparel Wholesale.

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There is no point in discussing how the internet has changed our lives and the way we live. This powerful tool not only changes our lives in general, but also affects us on an individual level. Today customers are much more aware when buying. Our favorite internet not only connects us to each other, but also facilitates business activities. Online shopping has become an inseparable part of our lifestyle.


Buying Guide – 3 Things To Check When Buying Oversized Kurtis

Let’s get started!
Over the years, fashion industry experts have given their say on what tall women should wear. Many of them have emerged through the influence over the years, thanks to which we have learned to idealize a certain body type. But moving on, it’s time to move on to stereotypes and not follow the rules that limit you and your personality. If you are a woman who is afraid to dress in any way, you should try our plus size clothes, which are specially designed to make you look stunning in all sizes. In this article you’ll find shopping tips and what to look for when looking for an oversized women’s jacket.

where to look
Setting a few points before shopping for plus size kurtis can save you from going to a tailor for extra accessories and spending a few extra bucks.

A deep V-neck or V-neck is perfect for elongating your neck. We suggest that women with curves prefer a deep V neck over a round neckline or tangerine collar because they tend to look slimmer. Why not go out of the box and get a modern plus size V-neck jacket!

If you are aware of a particular part of your body, we recommend that you stay away from tacky fabrics that tend to accentuate that part and instead opt for cotton, imitation, muslin or chiffon fabrics that reduce body fat and don’t hug them. Cotton fabric is perfect for any occasion. Our line of plus size kurtis for women features mostly cotton and silk. Any oversized jacket will be comfortable if it is made of silk or cotton.
The ideal length for a large jacket should be a few inches below the knee. We say this length is ideal for plus size women because it lengthens, loses weight, and helps balance your silhouette. A knee-length jacket is also great for work when paired with heels or flats, depending on your comfort. Ankle length or maxi curtis work great for flattering a curvaceous female figure. If you are one of them, choose a hemline that falls just below the knee.

Tips to Look Slim in Designer Kurtis
Designer kurtis can make you look curvaceous, but with a few cuts and tricks, you can make your kurtis look perfect on you.

Say yes to straight cuts
If you are looking for a large size kurti, focus more on straight long kurti, A-shaped kurti and of course the Anarkali kurti without the bulge. This style tends to beautify your feet and give it a stretchy look. Of course they look elegant and beautiful but beware of flashes as they make you look much bigger than you really are.

Avoid heavy fabrics
Dense fabrics are always heavy and bulky. They make you look bigger than you are with their heavy layers. Fabrics like jacquard and denim tire you out and cause you to sweat profusely. The decor on the fabric is another important factor that adds weight to your outfit. Patterns such as sequins, mirrors, beads and embroidery add to the weight of each fabric. We advise you to choose light fabrics that can refresh and relax you.

Look for small patterns
Follow the basic rule – any design or model should not be larger than the size of your fist. Yes, the smaller the pattern the better, because the more patterns that fit on one piece of fabric, it creates the illusion that the fabric is larger. Another great way to look slim is to use geometric patterns, but you need to make sure the stripes run vertically, not horizontally as vertical stripes are ripped to create the illusion of a slimmer body and don’t require any effort from your state. Be wary of bulky boxes and other similar prints that emphasize your size and shape.

last words
We hope that with this article you are ready to become a fashionista and no longer be disappointed by your size when you want to rock the latest designs that will make your head spin. There are many stores that offer plus size designer kurtis for curvy beauties. You’ll find any model or design that not only makes you look slimmer but is absolutely stunning!


Different types of earrings

Earrings are a great accessory for any outfit. This could be a simple nail or something more complex with stones and sparks. There are a variety of different earrings in the Sri Lankan market, but there are also many different types of back earrings that you should be aware of when shopping for your favorite pair.

type of earrings

When looking for jewelry online in Sri Lanka, earrings are a very versatile item and there are many different types of earrings including hoops, hoop earrings, dangle earrings and chandelier earrings.

  • Stud Earrings: There are many types of stud earrings, including threaded earrings for people who have sensitive ears or want safety with a snug fit on the forehead.
  • Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings can be tricky because they come in different widths depending on how big you want the hoop to be. Large diameter hoop earrings make your face look smaller, while smaller earrings accentuate your facial features, which makes them great when paired with clothes.
  • Dangle Earrings: Dangle jewelry is light, which means it is often worn during the warmer months by women who want to add something interesting without adding too much weight or warmth to their neck.
  • Chandelier Earrings: Chandelier earrings are earrings that have a large cut at the bottom, which can be made of different materials and make an interesting statement.
    back for earrings

The backs of the earrings are designed to hold your earrings in place while making sure they are not too tight against your forehead which can cause discomfort and damage over time. They come in a variety of shapes, including hooks, clips, or clasps.

  • Back Hook Earrings: These are earrings that attach to the top of your ear and turn into a U-shaped back.
  • Attachment: This back has a metal piece attached to the hole on one side that you attach to your earlobe.
  • Ball or earring clasps with rollers: They are also great for protecting your ears from being pulled by the heavier parts, as they are known to be safer than other styles.
  • Hook-and-loop back earrings: These reusable plastic fasteners come in a variety of shapes, such as hearts or circles, but are sometimes uncomfortable if used incorrectly, so should only be worn with smaller matches.
  • Earring Covers: One way to hide your piercing is with these clear caps, which are designed to protect the delicate earlobe and are made of plastic or rubber. They are useful for those who plan to have their piercing removed for a period of time, which is also the disadvantage of having to be removed and replaced regularly.
  • Earring Stickers: One way to hide your earrings if you still don’t want to take them off is with stickers, which can help temporarily hide the hole. They come in different colors like white, pink or yellow so when used properly they blend in with your skin tone.
  • Butterfly Clips: These look like butterflies and are easily mistaken for hook earrings. They may look similar, but the difference is that the clips don’t have loops for threading, so you have to place your finger on each wing of the clip so that you open it before placing it in your ear.

The most common types of back earrings and how they work
The most common types of earrings worn by women include ball backs, hook earrings, and clip earrings.

The simplest of all the backs is the ladder style, where a piece through your ear hole is drilled from front to back. It is then held in place either by an internal threaded nut attached to the end or by a donut-shaped plastic washer on top. The first method allows for finer adjustments but may be more difficult to remove, while using a pressure washer makes removal easier because all you have to do is press the flat surface until it comes off. .

How to wear hoop earrings with different types of bearing
Hoop earrings can be available with a variety of bearing types. Hoop earrings, which come with plastic disc pads, are the easiest to put on and take off because you only need to apply a little pressure until they pop out of your drill hole. If they are secured with an internal threaded nut, they may be a little more difficult to open, but these are still manageable if you are careful, so don’t let these worries stop you from buying tires for the added inconvenience.

Hoop earrings can also be worn with the back completely bypassing the awl, instead of having two small discs on either side of the front metal ball through which the thread normally passes through a pair of screw locks. You’ll look less noticeable than just wearing a droopy hoop.

Earrings are one of the most popular and iconic accessories for women. They can be worn top or bottom and come in a variety of styles to suit every woman’s personality. Especially if you have some free time to shop at the end of the day, stock up on earrings for an easy way to decorate any outfit. The right partner makes all the difference.


Five reasons why online shopping is the best

The internet has changed the lives of many people today. This makes his life smooth and peaceful. It’s so convenient that almost anything can be done online – socialize, work, pay and wait without leaving home. Above all, online entertainment, namely online shopping, is growing rapidly. A recent survey in the United States found that nearly half of the population shopped online. This is because a number of people have discovered the blessings of online shopping.

This is one of the reasons people like to stay online. Online shopping allows shoppers to take advantage of their private homes. People with disabilities, illnesses, or people who are too busy to shop can still buy whatever they want online. Imagine how crowded department stores are on holidays or weekends. Online shopping can save you from the crowds that make people angry, ready and waiting in line just to pay for a newly purchased gadget. And the problem with finding a parking space can be eliminated. This can be very convenient because shoppers can save at any time of the day without interrupting the store’s estimated operating hours. Online shopping offers shoppers the opportunity to keep boundaries that are comfortable for them. In addition, online shopping makes it easy to send goods to relatives, friends and loved ones because the website for online shopping offers maximum delivery options that are fast and reliable. This is a brilliant way to admire the agreement.

Anyone who owns the network is given the right to register, they simply register, and they can show up and buy the equipment they need wherever they are. You don’t want to waste time and effort going to a store far enough away just to buy the equipment you need. Online shopping allows people to order remote places without even visiting them.

Online shoppers can buy cash for excursions, groceries, and impulse purchases. Used or antique inventory items can easily be found online, which can be much cheaper, including books and furniture. Sometimes it’s miles without even taxes. Online stores that do not have a body store in some countries are not subject to income tax.
best seller

Simply acquiring the right to include product documentation gives buyers more choices. In addition to the slabs that should be available in the webshop, shoppers can easily search the internet for larger slabs. In addition, they can search for opinions and ratings on products, which can be an excellent decision-making aid for buyers. Apart from records, ratings and product ratings, online shopping offers shoppers a wide range of options. Visiting conventional stores usually narrows shoppers’ choices, forcing them to buy things they certainly don’t like.

There are items that you should personally purchase. Items containing adult toys, attractive underwear, etc. can be purchased discreetly by buyers through online shopping. Despite these blessings of online shopping, many people still do not believe in seeking refuge online.

However, there is a simple answer to this problem.

Shop online safely
• Find a service provider estimate by visiting their website. Look for warranties, guarantees and returns.
• Look for online stores with symbols such as an unbroken padlock, URLs starting with HTTPS://, and sites that use SSL or Secure Socket Layer, which is the easiest way for buyers and merchants to see cost rates.
• Read the privacy statement to understand how users’ non-public records may be used. Reliable dealers usually make these records easily available to buyers.
• Always pay for purchases by credit card or Net Banking Card.
• Always monitor transaction data. If miles allow, it is usually printed.

There are so many advantages of online shopping that it entices shoppers to stay online – convenience, affordability, affordability, enjoyable shopping and privacy. However, some shoppers do not believe in online shopping. On the other hand, with these safe and simple online shopping tips, shoppers can enjoy the great benefits of online shopping and feel satisfied.